WORM as an alternative for manipulation security?

When it comes to the topics of manipulation security and storage of sensitive information, WORM storage systems are still frequently recommended today. These are special storage media that can only be written to once.

Protecting Privacy Requires Deletion!

The approach sounds plausible at first glance. However, it contains some stumbling blocks in terms of data protection law. It is not only since the introduction of the DSGVO that corresponding specifications have made it necessary to be able to delete certain information from documents, PDFs, e-mails, chats or telephone calls if necessary. This may be the case, for example, in the context of the "right to be forgotten" or in the case of private e-mails from employees. And this regardless of whether the information in question is on paper or digitally on a file server, laptop or in an archive. Requirements that are not technically feasible with pure WORM solutions.

Digital signature in combination with sophisticated storage technology

To protect against manipulation, it is therefore advisable to clearly identify archive data by means of digital signatures and to protect it by means of encryption. In this way, it can be technically ensured that the data is not changed unnoticed. In addition, to prevent careless deletion, this protection can be combined with "soft WORM technology". This allows you to easily comply with all legal regulations.
However, it is recommended to be careful that this function is controlled by the archive. In this way, unnecessary dependencies can be avoided. With EMA®, you can cleverly implement all of this without using WORM hardware and meet all of the initially contradictory requirements.