Why WORM Is No Solution

WORM media, which can only be written to once, has managed to keep its reputation as an especially secure way to store e-mail messages and other organization-related information, because its design makes it very safe against manipulation.

Protecting Privacy Requires Deletion!

While WORM media may at first seem highly attractive, in practice, making it impossible to modify stored data causes a lot of headaches when having to comply with privacy regulations. The respective regulations often require that certain e-mail messages, such as those sent by employees under certain circumstances, must be deleted in order to remain compliant. If a WORM-based solution is used, it is technically impossible to remain compliant.

Digital Signatures and Thought-Out Storage Technology Make an Archive Tamper-Proof

A better way to prevent the manipulation of archived data is to use digital signatures to verify the authenticity of archived data, and encryption to protect it from unauthorized access. This ensures that the contents of the archive cannot be maliciously modified. To prevent accidental or malicious deletion of archived information, the aforementioned security layers can then further be combined with Soft-WORM technology. This allows you to easily comply with all legal regulations. One thing to watch out for is that the Soft WORM functionality is controlled by the archive in order to avoid unnecessary dependencies. By using iSCSI and/or FC, EMA® makes it trivial to implement such functionality in your organization.