The Great Lie about Certificates

"Verified to be tamper proof and legally compliant". Lots of vendors like to advertise their archiving solutions with alleged certifications in order to win the trust of potential customers.

Bogus and Mostly Meaningless

It is important to look twice when a vendor claims that their product is certified. Oftentimes, such certifications barely manage to uphold any of the claims they appear to promise at first glance. Many certifications simply verify common organizational criteria and whether the vendor complies with internal business processes. These certifications say nothing or only very little about the real functional and legal quality of an archiving solution.

No Such Thing as Legal Certification

When considering e-mail archiving from a legal standpoint, there are several important acts, guidelines, and laws, from which the requirements and ground rules required for legal compliance to be laid out. Consider the vast complexity required to do so. It is not hard to see that there can be no such thing as universal certification or seal of approval for this market.

Verify It Yourself Instead of Believing Sales Claims

This is why organizations should never rely on any existing "seals of approval" issued by allegedly independent institutions. Before making a final buying decision, it is important to evaluate an archiving solution in a field test. This will allow you to see whether it really meets all set guidelines in terms of being audit-proof and secure.