The problem with certifications of business processes

"Tested audit-proof and legally compliant" - providers of data management and archiving solutions like to advertise with such certifications to confirm the legally compliant storage of data. Although this understandably makes you feel good in the decision-making process, it is advisable to look very carefully. Because often the supposed seals of approval do not deliver what they promise at first glance.

Many certifications are primarily related to general operational criteria and compliance with internal processes on the part of the manufacturer. It is important to know that such tests often say little about the nature and quality of the solution itself. So pay close attention to which services are confirmed as legally secure and to what specific extent. Because, as with eco or organic labels, appearances are often deceptive.

Our tip: Take a close look!

When it comes to legal considerations, many different regulations, guidelines and laws play a role in the actual legality of data management and archiving. From these, individual requirements for the implementation of the rules are derived, for example, depending on the industry or size of the company. This variety alone makes clear how difficult it is to issue a universal certificate or "the" sole seal of approval for the area of legally compliant archiving.

Companies should therefore not rely solely on an existing test seal. Instead, it is important to check very carefully in a practical test before making a purchase decision whether the services actually meet the respective requirements and safety guidelines in all details. Because the most beautiful certificate is of little use in practice if the solution itself does not deliver what it promises.