Protecting Personal Information

Another requirement for an archiving solution is protecting personal information in compliance with privacy regulations. These not only include organization-internal regulations, such as rules regarding the use of private e-mail on the company network, but also protecting the archive against unauthorized access and malicious manipulation.

A Common Weak Point: The All-Powerful Administrator

A problem especially common with archiving solutions that are entirely software-based is that network administrators have access permissions that are too relaxed. After all, they have to get their job done. Unrestrained access poses a problem in terms of privacy protection. If administrators have free rein, the security of an archive can no longer be guaranteed.

Intelligent Solutions Ensure the Archive is Safe

EMA®'s Four-Eye-Principle authentication is an innovative solution to this age-old problem. It can be used to configure the archive so that it only allows access to stored e-mail messages if another user, such as an employee representative, is present. This additional layer of security provides an effective way to prevent abuse of privileges, and is a great aid in implementing organization-internal privacy regulations.