Trusted EMA®

Advanced security features, such as the automatic encryption of all information, or the closed-down architecture, which uses a proprietary operating system, have always made our products some of the most secure solutions for digital information management that are available on the market. Our latest innovation, called Trusted EMA®, takes our advanced security measures one step further: EMA® is now one of the world's first archiving and information management appliances that are built according to the Trusted Computing standard (TC).

Almost all conventional systems and security mechanisms reveal a decisive weakness when examined closer: they are potentially open to attacks when third parties can gain direct access to the hardware. Trusted EMA® prevents such attacks by creaking links to hardware characteristics that are unique to each appliance. This protects the appliance from unauthorized manipulation and constructs an unbreakable "safe" for your organization's archived data.

Trusted EMA® is based around a TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module), firmly anchored inside all appliances, which provides a smart extension to our existing security concept. Using the TPM chip and the groundbreaking Trusted EMA® feature, the appliance-specific data decryption key now receives even better protection against malicious hardware attacks. EMA® hardware and appliance software now truly combine and form an inseparable unit.

Trusted EMA® can monitor individual access regulations and permissions that have been defined for users in your organization. This ensures that the contents of the archive receive maximum protection, because Four-Eye-Principle authentication cannot be circumvented in any way.

Adherence to any implemented organization-internal guidelines and compliance regulations can be monitored and guaranteed. In short, we managed to make one of the most secure solutions on the market even more secure.

Main advantages:

Maximum security for your data is provided by an integrated TPM chip

Self-defense mechanism protects against manipulation and unauthorized access

Adherence to individual user permissions and roles is enforced

Guaranteed protection of the appliance-specific decryption key

Provides enhanced security in local and cloud infrastructures