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The EMA® modules: Full flexibility and individual adaptation

EMA is not only e-mail archiving, but much more. EMA combines various data sources in one interface, for example in Outlook. And it does so in a legally compliant, convenient manner, with full-text search in seconds and, if desired, with metadata. EMA's great strength: It adapts flexibly to any customer-specific infrastructure. The advantage: All employees find what they are looking for, quickly and in one place. This saves time and money!

Simple and silent system integration with EMA

EMA is simple by nature. E-mail archiving is ready to go within a very short time with just a few basic settings and secures all emails in a legally compliant and highly secure manner - on premise, in the cloud or hybrid. We think in the long term. Whether it's yesterday, today or the day after tomorrow, EMA adapts to the needs of a constantly changing market with changing IT strategies without downtime and silently. Numerous large corporations as well as medium-sized companies are already benefiting from this.

EMA modules at a glance

EMA is a modular system for managing data from various data sources:


The advantage: EMA is maximally flexible and remains as lean as possible. Our customers only pay for and use what they really need. EMA optionally archives e-mails, documents from the file server, files from (virtual) printers and physical or virtual scans. Archiving SAP documents and telephone calls is also no problem. We even connect individual portal solutions of customers and other CRM or ERP systems with EMA on customer request. EMA is the live archive for all data.

Change attributesFolder synchronizationSAP metadataAttributes. APIMeta DataStorageData SourcesDeletionResearcgAccessAuditTrusted Platform ModuleCase ManagementMinimum Hold TimeLegal HoldLDAP/MSGraphFour-Eye-PrincipleSSO (OAuth, Kerberos, SmartCard)Administrator search restrictionsUser management, DelegationsDepartment archivesSecure log file for adminsBrowser/WebpageOutlook-IntegrationNative Outlook IntegrationApp (native) iPhone/AndroidSMART Link: CRM, ERP systemsPortal integration: APISAPCloudApplianceEMA in EMACIFSNFSiSCSIFiberchannelDASEncryption/SignatureStorage Management + SoftwormScheduled consistency checkWAN-SynchronizationFile serverSAP BarcodeSAP ArchiveLinkScan server and IndexingPBX systemE-Mail ServerUpload API(Virtual) Printers

EMA features make the system rich and comfortable

EMA comes with one or two modules and numerous standard features, depending on the model. It brings with it, unless otherwise requested, a perfect, easy-to-administer e-mail archiving solution. There are also numerous features that facilitate administration, increase security or make user searches more convenient.

  • Single sign-on: Automated user authentication.
  • Four-Eye-Principle: Secure access to data and administration settings
  • Folder synchronization: Mapping of the personal folder structure from Outlook/O365 or from file servers.
  • Standard/Enterprise Attribute Editor: Enrich and manage documents with a maximum 200 metadata
  • AD groups: Connection to Active Directory for convenient delegate synchronization and user rights assignment.
  • Department Archives/Document Linkage: Visibility of documents for entire user groups and bundling of documents into files.
  • Mailimporter Standard/Enterprise: Import of single e-mails or mailboxes
  • WAN synchronization: Synchronization of archive stores for primary and standby system even across sites.
  • Multitenacy: Increased administrative convenience for groups of companies or companies with several subsidiaries
  • Reports/CSV list export: Advanced monitoring and statistics functions for administrators
  • Secure log for users: Additional possibility to monitor user activities
  • Federated search: Possibility to perform searches via other EMAs at other locations (for company network).
  • PST export tool: Ability to generate and export individual pst files from EMA.
  • Lotus Notes Plugin: for AIX and Windows

Use EMA - "the perfect search engine" for your company data

There are many research options for end users: For EMA, a perfect solution can be found for almost all devices. With the Single Sign-on feature, no user login is required and users can search intuitively. All company data can be found in one interface - as long as access rights are available. We offer the following search interfaces:

  • Standard web interface for all common browsers and devices
  • Integration in Outlook/ O365 Exchange Online as homepage folder / kiosk function without DLLs
  • Integration with Outlook / 0365 Exchange Online as a native extension
  • Integration with Lotus Notes
  • Use of the EMA app for mobile devices (Android and iPhone)
  • Insertion via SMART link as iFrame in CRM applications or ERP systems
  • Individual web interfaces through portal integration via EMA API
  • SAP integration via ArchiveLink interface

Storage systems - secure, highly available and interoperable

ARTEC thinks long-term. Storage systems are subject to change over time. For retention periods of10 years and more, we deliver independent, solid solutions that always adapt silently. EMA is independent of the underlying storage system. Customers can bring their own storage or purchase it from us at a reasonable price. Whether CIFS/NFS, iSCSI, FC or DAS - with us everything is possible. Our own storage system , the Direct Attached Storage VSTOR® Vault, is particularly secure. EMA brings its own storage management software for this storage. This makes the archive storage completely invisible to overlying systems - including potential cyberattacks.

Security, compliance and signatures

Large customers from the security environment have been relying on our 100% self-developed software architecture for years. The hardware appliances are protected by a trusted computing module and can only be started by authorized users. The self-developed operating system, which is based on a Linux kernel, does not allow third-party access. Our 4-eyes principle, the possibility of a minimum retention period for documents, signature and time stamp on receipt into the archive, and a consistently enforced user rights system prevent unauthorized users from modifying data. We s guarantee immutability. In the American market, our case management module for supporting eDiscovery projects scores particularly well. In the cloud, too, we deliver the very highest security standards and offer a solid solution for all customers who value their corporate data.