Full-Text Search

A Powerful Tool to Retain Control over Information

Our appliances contain powerful full-text search functionality that gives you easy access to your information. The full-text search does not only archive e-mail messages, but also attachments, documents, and files. The search interface allows you to comfortably search through all of your data using a single search mask. All e-mail messages and documents are automatically indexed. This makes them show up in full-text searches immediately after they enter the system.

An immediate benefit when compared with conventional, locally created folder structures is that users throughout your organization can find and restore information required to get work done a lot faster. They do not first need to look for or remember specific locations that contain the required files. Because our full-text search engine was heavily optimized for high performance, even the largest collections of data remain searchable, and all required e-mail messages or documents can be found quickly whenever they are required.

The attribute editor (tagging) makes it even simpler to keep an overview over the contents of your archive. Depending on the document content and assignment, you can use attributes to add additional information to archived items. You could, for example, use attributes to create project-based department archives. Attributes also allow you to "freeze" items in your content collection or archive that may not be removed under any circumstances. This can be beneficial in situations that require a legal hold of documents.

Permissions can additionally be adjusted for specific user groups in order to limit access to attribute data to selected users.