Our innovative Four-Eye-Principle authentication mechanism provides maximum protection for your organization's information.

Many core archive features can be configured that they generally cannot be performed by a single person alone. This ensures that administrators or other users with a high level of privileges cannot purposely or accidentally perform security-critical tasks on the archive without the consent of a second person. Specialized privacy and compliance regulations, such as viewing or restoring e-mail messages, can also be set up to suit your organization's needs using Four-Eye-Principle authentication.

Users can be placed into two groups and given individual permissions by using EMA®'s sophisticated role-based permission management. Once set up and enabled, access to security-critical features will only be possible representatives from each group (e.g. a department manager and an employee representative) log in.

Four-Eye-Principle authentication is ideal for implementing organizational policies in order to ensure that archived information is protected against unauthorized access.