Federated Search

Local and Global Federated Search for the Entire Organization

Federated Search combines the advantages of our technology into a powerful, universal search solution for your entire network/Intranet.

It allows you to locate and retrieve all of your content and documents - regardless of source, file type or location - quickly and without first having to centralize data or make changes to your infrastructure. This greatly increases productivity and makes it easier for entitled employees to access information.

Several data centers within an organization can also be mapped. No special interfaces or database migrations are required.

Federated Search makes the cumbersome management of complex folder structures a thing of the past. Proven full-text search and text recognition inside documents and files allows our solutions to provide maximum transparency that helps you keep on top of your organization's information.

Key Benefits

Globally search your entire organization (Intranet, database, CMS, etc.)

No centralization of data necessary

Makes all relevant information easily accessible

Comfortable search functionality that is easy to use

Helps you find requested information in seconds

Supports all common file and document types

A proven security concept helps protect sensitive information