User Access

Ease of access to archived information is what makes or breaks a solution for information management. If the steps necessary to access the system are long-winded and complicated, it loses its practical use and your users will most likely develop ways to work around having to use it.

EMA® provides several ways to access archived information. With seamless mail client integration, users can access the archive without having to leave Outlook or Notes. Since the installation of special client-side software is not required, users do not have to launch an additional application to work with the archive. Instead, they can access it from within environments they are already familiar with.

Single sign-on ensures that users are automatically identified and a cumbersome additional login process is avoided.

Users can search for, view, and if necessary restore e-mail messages, attachments, and other documents as required. Permissions and access rules control which actions users can perform. EMA®'s ease of use allows users to get productive without first having to sit through lengthy training sessions.

When we designed our solutions, we consciously decided against using any form of stubbing, because these technologies are anything but easy and uncomplicated. Our innovative full-text search is particularly fast at finding and restoring e-mail messages and documents. At the same time, it lowers resource usage to provide maximum performance.