File to Archive®

EMA Enterprise Managed Archive® S60 S120 S400 S800 E2000 E4000 E8000 E15000 E25000
File to Archive® Features
File Server Support
Automated Archiving
Filter-Based Archiving
Full Text Index
Search and Access Permissions
EMA® Features
Full-Text Search
Federated Search
Standard Attributes (incl. Legal Hold, Minimum Retention Period, Tagging)
Enterprise Attribute System (Customizable)
Web-Based Administration Interface
Automatic Updates/Digital Signatures
Permission Management for Administrators
System Monitoring Tools / SNMP
Delegates and Account Linking
Digital Signature, Digital Date and Time Stamp
Encryption of Archived Data
Permission Management for Users
Support for Several Authentication Servers
Single Sign-On
Digital Signature of Log Files and Audit Reports
Data Security
Backing Up and Restoring Configuration Files
Immediate Backup and Outsourcing of Archived Data to External Storage
Additional Backup on a Second Location
Hot Standby
Consistency Check
Support for External Storage
Unlimited Capacity
NAS-Shares (Netware, UNIX/NFS, Windows)
Fibre Channel
Optional Archiving Modules
Mail to Archive®
Print to Archive®
Scan to Archive®
Voice to Archive®
Network Connections (WAN/LAN) 2 x 1 GBIT 2 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT 4 x 1 GBIT
Pre-Configured Plug-In Solution
Chassis Type 1U 19"
Short Rack-
1U 19"
Short Rack-
1U Rack 1U Rack 1U Rack 2U Rack 2U Rack 4U Rack 4U Rack
Included Optional Third party Not available