Comprehensive Archiving

Integrated, Extensible Archiving

Some companies may only require e-mail archiving to start with, and only want to comply with relevant legal regulations. Others may want to go further and create a complete central archive for documents and files.

EMA®'s modular approach to archiving makes sure that the door to expanding your archive remains open all the time. Our approach ensures that you will not be investing in a technological dead end, or that you end up buying more than you actually need. Instead, we give you the choice of flexibly extending the feature set of your appliance at any time, and according to your needs.

EMA® can archive all information in your organization regardless of its source. E-mail messages, printed invoices, purchase orders coming in via postal mail, calculations stored on a file system, or even telephone orders – no matter what needs to be archived, we can archive it. EMA® satisfies all demands placed on a modern, centralized information management system, no matter how small or large or your organization is, which industry it caters, or how many employees it has.