Retroactive Archiving

Getting Existing Data into the Archive

EMA® easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures with minimum administrative effort.

The appliance has an automatic import feature that helps you integrate existing information into your organization's archive. You can easily import all existing e-mail messages into your archive regardless of whether they reside on your organization's mail server, or in PST files stored on a file server.

EMA® can therefore become a uniform archive for all company-internal data right from the start. This prevents isolated processes from forming, and gets rid of unorganized, hard-to-manage folder structures.

The archive's integrated single instancing not only ensures that every document and every file is only stored once inside your organization, but also drastically reduces the amount of storage and resources required. Put bluntly, it lowers costs and can help revert your servers and clients into the fast, lean systems they were when first deployed.