EMA® is Easy to Use

Many archiving solutions often require lengthy deployment periods that stretch on longer than initially anticipated. Mandatory changes to an existing IT infrastructure, as well as configuration difficulties, often stretch out and complicate the deployment phase.

EMA® is different, because we designed EMA® to be easy to use.

We made sure that the getting the appliance up and running in your organization's network is possible within a very short amount of time. To do so, we designed EMA® so it uses a hassle-free Plug and Play installation, instead of relying on complicated deployment procedures and system configurations. After being connected appropriately, EMA® can automatically begin archiving without requiring any further configuration changes.

Due to EMA®'s unrivaled user interface, not only IT administrators find it easy to get started. EMA® is mostly self-explanatory even for novice users, and often just does the right thing at the right time. Our comfortable full-text search allows users to find required information quickly, and without hassle. Once found, a single mouse click is all it takes to restore the required information.