Companies of all industries and sizes rely on EMA® and VSTOR® storage systems for information management, digitization and storage of their data!


Implement Information Storage in an Efficient and Clever Way!

Many companies are struggling with the rising amount of data and an increasingly inefficient IT infrastructure and administration. These days, we all need to consolidate historically grown IT structures and to prepare for the economic and technical challenges of the future.

Buzzwords like "cloud", "information management", and, more recently, "BIG DATA," are appearing more and more often. While other manufacturers are still philosophizing about possible concepts, we can already offer you concrete, turnkey solutions to these challenges.

In the past, many companies either expanded their IT infrastructure as their demands grew, or simply deleted their data. Fundamental concepts were never given second thought and therefore rarely changed. The logical consequence was the continued expansion of high-cost data storage systems, and the corresponding expansion of the primary applications.

Current conventional solutions usually require major changes in order to adapt to a centralized information management. With EMA® we have consistently implemented this approach of central information management and developed particularly simple and extremely efficient solutions for integrated digital information management in close coordination with our customers.

The demands that modern IT infrastructures have to cope with today are higher than ever before. Technical reasons and the question of cost make it necessary to offload more and more functionality to a diminishing number of resources.

In this section we have compiled answers to your questions as well as further information and technical details about information management and legally compliant archiving with EMA® for you. In addition to traditional project-based business, we also make our complete range of solutions available using our cloud services.

Also, take a look at the Good to Know section, where we do away with some widespread myths. Among other things, we will tell you why stubbing does more harm than good, and why product certifications do not actually say a whole lot about the products that bear them.