"BIG DATA" Solutions with EMA®

The term "big data" is used to describe unlimited access to all types of data and unstructured information in an organization. In general, organizations will try to regulate the retention of data in one way or another. In extreme cases, data and information will even end up being deleted or moved (e.g. from disk to a more cost-effective storage system, such as tape storage) after a certain amount of time has passed and configured filter rules match.

This is why we developed a range of solutions as part of the EMA® product range, which make enterprise functionality available to organizations of all sizes.

EMA®'s extremely powerful search engine allows fast, platform- and data-independent finding of unstructured data. This allows you to operate a comprehensive information management system at minimal administrative cost, and without sacrificing any features that would otherwise only be available to large organizations.

Modern information management does not only encompass providing information, but also reducing the overall cost. EMA® solutions are up and running within a very short amount of time, and without making changes to your existing applications or infrastructure. Existing investments integrate into the overall solution in an easy and uncomplicated manner.