All Pieces of Data are Important

Every organization faces the challenge of having to access all of its data and information. The statement that "knowledge is power" is given a new meaning here, because access to information represents cash capital and a competitive advantage on the market.

If an organization is able to access all of its data and information in a quick and easy manner, the immediate result is a significant advantage over its competitors. In the era of the Internet and electronic communication, one can no longer afford to spend hours or even minutes looking for data and information.

Taken separately, information from data sources such as e-mail, files, print, paper-based documents, as well as voice and messaging data, can still be managed, and users can be given a more or less acceptable way to access it. However, to get the most out of all of this stored data, a comprehensive information management solution is essential. Only quick and easy, local and global access to all unstructured data and information yields maximum return.