Benefits of an Appliance

For security critical systems, such as an archive for your organization's information, you should not leave anything to chance. As an appliance-based solution, EMA® has a great advantage over its purely software-based competition: software and hardware fit together well and work in harmony. We designed EMA® to work with your IT infrastructure; not against it. Right from the start, you will receive a completely working, fully protected system that quickly integrates into your network.

Users of appliance based solutions, such as EMA®, also benefit from having less of a hassle when it comes to complying with legal regulations. Unlike a software-based solution, an appliance leaves no room for purposeful or accidental manipulations that could interfere with legal compliance.

Key Benefits

The system quickly integrates into your organization's network without complications

It consistently implements legal requirements and regulations out of the box because it is a fully closed system, protected against manipulation

There are no technical complications or incompatibilities, because all components were fine-tuned to work together in harmony

However, even among appliance-based solutions, there are bad apples. There are many systems on the market that are based on substandard components that do not fit together well. ARTEC only uses carefully selected hardware from first class brand names for its EMA® product family. This allows us to maintain a consistently high degree of product quality, and guarantees that the product you receive will work reliably.