Storage Technology

One of the design goals behind our solutions was to remain independent of specific technologies. This means that our appliances integrate themselves well into any existing infrastructure. Additionally, not requiring a specific storage technology means that we will not lock your organization into keeping legacy systems running in the future.

Our solutions support a wide array of storage technologies, which is a sign of our unrivaled flexibility. ARTEC's appliances support all common local and external storage systems, such as NAS or SAN. Certain storage systems can also be combined with each other to form storage groups. Using different file servers for archiving and storing data is also possible.

EMA®'s flexibility ensures that you can extend the capacity of your systems as necessary over a long period of time. You will not have to touch any low-level settings when you need to increase storage capacity. When considering implementing an archive in your organization, it is always important to remember that the law often requires that the contents of an archive must be retained for over ten years. When you think about the IT industry's trends from ten years ago, it will immediately become apparent that the technical storage infrastructure can rapidly change during such a long time frame.

Our storage technology, designed specifically for EMA®, is capable of complying even with the most difficult to implement legal regulations, such as the SEC Rules, which require the use of WORM technology.

You can also move data between storage systems painlessly at any time. An automatic consistency check provides an additional level of security and peace of mind.