Protect Your Investment

A Future-Proof Investment

When compared with the innovation cycles in the IT industry, the life time of information stored in an archive is extremely long. Even when focusing only on currently applicable legal regulations, organizations often need to retain relevant documents for periods over ten years.

ARTEC's solutions therefore only rely on standardized technologies and can be used regardless of which infrastructures, mail servers, clients, or storage systems are used in your organization. If one of these components is replaced (for example, as part of a switch to another server operating system), you can rest assured that our solutions will continue to run without any technical complications or incompatibilities.

If a more powerful appliance hardware platform is required at a later time, because, say, your organization has recently expanded, a larger model to suit your requirements can easily be implemented with full protection of the original investment.

All of our solutions can scale to meet the demands of your organization, and they always remain flexible enough to adjust to changing business environments.