Data Security Concept

High-Grade Security Out of the Box

Keeping sensitive, company-internal information secure is one of the most important requirements of every IT infrastructure.

As a result, our solutions provide support for all modern IT security technologies, and reliably protect all archived information from malicious access by unauthorized third parties.

We drafted out EMA® as a preconfigured appliance because this closed-down architecture provides a very high level of security. The system uses a hardened, proprietary operating system. Unlike entirely software-based solutions, EMA® does not require the installation of client-side applications, which could potentially be abused as attack vectors or to maliciously manipulate archived data.

Additionally, EMA® does not store e-mail messages and documents in plain text. Contents of the archived are automatically securely encrypted (AES encryption). Access to the archive itself can optionally be limited to an SSL-encrypted connection for additional security.

Due to an innovative security model designed to adapt to each EMA® appliance, archived data can only be read and restored by the system that created the same EMA® hardware that created the archive. No matter which storage system your data ultimately ends up on, our security model ensures that it is always protected against malicious access by unauthorized parties.

These measures effectively prevent malicious access to archived information. Together, they back your organization in terms of legal and operational compliance.