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Growth Market Data Management, Data Security and Cloud

The IT market is characterized by constant change. Currently, nearly three-quarters of enterprises are moving to the cloud, with cloud services revenue expected to reach €12.1 billion by 20211. Coupled with this, the importance of data security is increasing, as 96% of German companies have already been the victim of cyber-attacks2.

Companies are therefore looking for suitable strategies on how to best meet these challenges. The secure and efficient handling of business data has become an essential component of strategy and can achieve real competitive advantages.

ARTEC is one of the most innovative German IT manufacturers and has been working for years on innovative solutions in the areas of data management, data security, archiving and their implementation in the cloud. With the EMA® and VSTOR® product lines, we already offer mature and future-proof solutions with numerous unique technical features, several of which are already patent-protected. ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH is fully privately owned and completely independent of third party vendors.

The most important facts:

  • Patented software development, fully designed and made in Germany
  • In-house research and development
  • Strong position in one of the most attractive IT market segments
  • High growth potential by meeting the increasing demand for data management, data security and cloud solutions
  • Sophisticated product family with a large amount of installations around the world
  • Convincing competitive advantages due to unique, future-proof technology
  • Numerous renowned references, including several Fortune 500 companies

We will be happy to provide you with further information on the topics of data management, data security, cloud and archiving at any time.

1Cloud Monitor 2020: KPMG, Bitkom; Market volume of cloud computing services in Germany: Statista
2The Rise Of The Business-Aligned Security Executive: Forrester

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