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BIG DATA and Information Management - Growing Markets

The management and legally compliant archiving of business information (particularly unstructured data) is one of the fastest growing market segments within the IT industry.

Only a handful of vendors are marginally saturating the market, which is why it has a large amount of potential. According to a BITKOM market prognosis, the BIG DATA market will grow by an average of 46% until 2016. This means that it will increase eightfold; from 23.6 billion EUR in 2011 to 160.6 billion EUR in 2016.

ARTEC IT Solutions AG is one of the most innovative German IT manufacturers. Our VSTOR® and EMA® product lines offer mature and future-proof solutions that contain numerous unique technical features; many of which are covered by multiple patents. The company is privately owned and completely independent of third parties.

The most important facts:

  • Fully self-made, patented software development
  • In-house research and development
  • Strong position in one of the most attractive IT market segments
  • High potential for growth by satisfying the increasing demand for BIG DATA solutions
  • Sophisticated product family with a large amount of installations around the world
  • Convincing competitive advantages due to unique, future-proof technology
  • Numerous renowned references, including several Fortune 500 companies
  • International presence through branches in Germany, South Korea, and the United States

We would be happy to provide you with further information about the chances offered by BIG DATA, information management, and archiving. Feel free to contact us.

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