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Company History

Milestones of ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH

2023 - Extension for Outlook and new workflow and security features

  • Since this year, the new EMA® Outlook extension makes the e-mail program much more performant. This is because EMA's proven search options can now be shown in the familiar Outlook environment. Thanks to EMA, documents from the file server or even recorded telephone calls and SAP documents are integrated in addition to e-mails.
  • Furthermore, complex workflow scenarios can be easily implemented with EMA through extensions to the attribute system (Enterprise Attribute Editor). This allows, for example, release processes such as invoice verification to be mapped in detail.
  • The creation of records and department archives is also simplified once again by the attribute system. This is ensured by a function with which a wide variety of documents can be linked together. The linked documents for which corresponding linking attributes have been defined can be called up collectively in EMA.
  • In 2023, the security and disaster recovery functions were also further expanded. Companies that have more than two redundant data center sites or more than two fire zones per data center can benefit from an extension of the EMA hot standby concept. Because from now on, any number of standby devices can be used, each with a storage system.
  • Of course, we are constantly working to further develop our patented solutions for archiving, data management and data security and to make them even more secure. Stay tuned to see which technologies ARTEC has in store for you in the future!

2022 - Continuous further development of our solution portfolio

  • Today, ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH is a major manufacturer of comprehensive data management solutions ranging from centralized collection, efficient use and secure storage to legally compliant archiving of all corporate data, regardless of source, size or location.
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365 is possible. Our solutions thus ensure maximum data security and optimal access even in Microsoft's cloud.

2019 - Focus on Maximum Data Security in the Cloud

  • Cyber attacks have increased tremendously in 2019. That's why we created the EMA Cyber Defense bundle, which always provides a completely separate, secured and encrypted copy of valuable data.
  • Using the certified SAP Content Server integration of EMA, SAP documents and other company data can be managed in one system.

2018 - The technology journey continues

  • Development of the EMA DeDup Server. With its help and the integrated in-memory database, e-mail duplicates can be reduced in Exchange Server environments with multiple EMAs, thus saving storage capacity.
  • ARTEC receives major orders from public high-security organizations in Germany.
  • ARTEC's product plate becomes more transparent and easier to understand. The modular core product EMA stands for information management and data security, while VSTOR® is available as high-performance mass storage, and firegate VPN completes the portfolio with unique security mechanisms in the Trusted Computing area.

2017 - Unreachable for cyberattacks

  • The year 2017 starts with the Partner Days and the presentation of new possibilities in the context of SMART Integration Tools with the ARTEC SDK and new APIs, which enable EMA to be integrated into daily business or industry solutions.
  • In order to provide more data security, ARTEC presents various concepts against cyber attacks.
  • ARTEC's own, independently developed operating system AOS (ARTEC Operating System) started to be used as the base of all solutions. Furthermore, Mobile Device Management was created for better security and control mechanisms when using the EMA app.
  • With the introduction of WAN Synchronization, latency problems are a thing of the past. It allows data to be transferred between two sites without delays.
  • SMART Station supports indexing of text in image files and e-mail attachments, making scanned documents searchable.

2016 - Focus on modern, particularly secure solutions

  • ARTEC's solutions are also available in the cloud. Maximum security is achieved through cloud solutions "Made in Germany".
  • The world is becoming more and more mobile and to meet customer demand, ARTEC launches the EMA app, which allows easy access to all data on the go.
  • In order to connect locations and systems even more securely, firegate VPN was developed as a new, encrypted access solution for hosted data and applications.

2015 - 20th company anniversary and further innovations

  • With the VSTOR Vault product series, ARTEC launches its own enterprise storage solutions on the market and starts creating new, user-friendly IT forensic solutions with eDiscovery Services.
  • With SMART Link, the first module of the ARTEC SMART Integration Tools is created. Data from different applications and systems can be linked and made available across multiple sources so users never have to leave their primary application.

Since 2010 - Further modules for global information management

  • The E-Mail Archive Appliance becomes the EMA Enterprise Managed Archive®.
  • Through continuous further development, the modules Mail to Archive®, Scan to Archive®, Print to Archive®, File to Archive® and Voice to Archive® can be used to store data from a wide variety of sources, sizes and formats (e-mails, printed and scanned documents as well as voice recordings).
  • Opening of the ARTEC branch office in the United States (Atlanta, Georgia).
  • Further focus on data security through the introduction of Trusted EMA.
  • Extension of the product range with the models EMA E15000 and EMA E25000 for large companies and corporations.
  • Introduction of VSTOR eDiscovery and VSTOR Recovery to solve the challenges of BIG DATA.
  • Permanent expansion of the partner network and successive increase in the number of employees at all locations.
  • Introduction of federated search technology in local and global environments, as well as VSTOR product line for global information management.

Since 2000 - focus on data archiving

  • Cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers and technology partners, such as HP, IBM, Pioneer, and MSI, and further development and research in the field of data archiving, data administration and data security.
  • Introduction of the VSTOR Suite for Storage & Networking as well as firegate with the ANA Automated Network Administrator®.
  • Introduction of EMA (E-Mail Archive Appliance), the world's first plug & play appliance for legally compliant e-mail archiving.
  • Move to the new ARTEC company building in Karben (near Frankfurt am Main) and opening of the first international branch office in South Korea.
  • At the end of 2008, the company moved assets to the newly founded "ARTEC IT Solutions AG" and placed exclusive focus on the development and marketing of self-developed solutions.

1995 - Foundation of the company

  • In 1995 the company was founded as "ARTEC Computer GmbH" by Jerry J. Artishdad.
  • ARTEC started as an exclusive supplier of MO technology (magneto-optical removable storage) in the medical field and laser memory products (WORM technology) in cooperation with Pioneer for Siemens Medical Solution and Philips Medical.
  • Soon the focus was put on software control systems and interfacing in the field of music with the development of Pro-Presenta for the management of music and data jukeboxes.
  • Advancement of jukebox technology for data storage with the creation of Alpha-Archive! and the development of the DRM7000 NAS module for controlling data jukeboxes.