Green responsibility

Our activities for sustainability and environmental protection

High-tech instead of smoking chimneys: The software industry is generally one of the cleanest industries around. However, as the topic of "sustainability" is particularly close to our hearts, we do not want to be satisfied with this. From the very beginning, we developed our core product EMA® with the aim of reducing the number of servers and paper stocks required in companies and promoting digitisation in the best possible way by means of efficient data storage. Centralized data storage and the elimination of redundancies enable significantly leaner system landscapes. These not only have a positive effect on the IT landscape, but also on the energy and environmental balance of the user companies.

Focus on lean and preferably CO2-neutral architectures

In all our developments and deliveries we always pay attention to the highest possible sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our solutions are basically designed for a long service life. Even when an old system is replaced (exchange or upgrade), old stock is taken back within 14 days for further use or proper disposal. For example, we strive for an almost 100% recycling rate for all "physically" delivered systems. In our communication and processes, we largely dispense with printed matter. Manuals and information material are mainly provided digitally - or user tips are integrated directly into the user interface, which also optimizes usability.

Our solutions are always developed with the aim of being as energy-efficient and CO2-neutral as possible. In our company buildings, too, we naturally focus on energy efficiency with the latest standards and an energy mix of climate-friendly systems for optimum energy savings.