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Leading companies across a variety of industries put their trust in EMA, and we couldn't be prouder. Our years of expertise are showcased through the numerous success stories we've collected, and we're excited to share them with you. Discover how our products have played a pivotal role in our clients' success stories! 

Leading Companies Trust EMA


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Have you had a great experience with EMA and want to share it with others? We always love hearing from our customers. If you're interested in featuring your success story on our website, please reach out to our Marketing Manager, Monika Testorf, for a chat. We're eager to hear about your journey and insights.

Success Stories

Smooth Air Traffic and Email Management

How Bremen Airport implemented a legally secure email archiving solution, with a keen eye on employee rights.

Helping Experts Support Patients Worldwide

As an internationally active medical technology specialist, Advanced Medical Solutions Group uses EMA to create products that help patients around the world.

Digital Transformation at the Car Dealership

How the WIEST Group leverages EMA to fully digitize service records.

Your Email Archive, Right in Your Pocket

Jeans and fashion brand Closed relies on EMA for cutting-edge digital information management.

eDiscovery and Case Management

How EMA's lightning-fast search massively simplifies eDiscovery and Case Management at Community Loans of America.

Finding Email 50% Faster

DEININGER CONSULTING, a premier executive search firm, has taken its email management to the next level with EMA, ensuring comprehensive protection for personal data.

Searching in Seconds Instead of Hours

Discover how Piedmont Healthcare, a leading US healthcare provider, revolutionized email management for over 40,000 employees with EMA.

A Cozy Home for Email, Files, and Documents

How Pro Juventute, Austria's beacon for child welfare, champions legal archiving with EMA.

The Perfect Fit

How Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG found the perfect mix of legal security and quick email search capabilities with EMA.

Geared Up for MiFID II: Archiving Phone Calls, Email, and Chats

Pforzheim Calw Savings Bank ensures customer protection and legal compliance with EMA.

Well Protected

How SV SparkassenVersicherung is achieving legal compliance and secure email archiving with EMA.

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