Features and Capabilities

EMA is much more than just a modular archiving system and a smart data management solution. We offer a plethora of savvy features designed to tailor the system precisely to your needs and requirements.

Customizable Archiving for Your Business

With EMA, you're choosing more than just a solution that fits right now; you're opting for future flexibility. While other vendors box you in with rigid packages, we give you the freedom to select exactly the modules and features you need, whenever you need them. EMA delivers efficiency without excess, tailored to your needs – both today and tomorrow.

Single Sign-On

Automatic Authentication for Ultimate User Convenience

For secure and easy access to the archive, EMA supports Single Sign-On (SSO). With just one login at your workstation, you can dive straight into the archive from your email client, bypassing the hassle of re-entering passwords and user IDs. This not only makes accessing the archive a breeze but also maintains the highest standard of security you've come to expect.


Maximum Data Protection

EMA's core functions can be configured to require approval by more than one person, preventing any individual from intentionally or accidentally performing risky actions on data and admin settings. Thus, EMA offers a customized approach to meet all legal, privacy, and compliance requirements. Incorporating the involvement of internal committees, such as worker councils, is seamlessly possible.

Additional Features

EMA MailImport

Discover seamless integration of all your email data with EMA MailImport – your go-to tool for importing email. Supporting a wide array of sources, including EML, Maildir, MBOX, PST, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, and HCL Domino, our tool doesn't just offer a way to safeguard your vital communications; it also simplifies the migration of large email volumes.

EMA MailImport comes in two flavors: a user-friendly wizard version that can be customized and simplified for end users, and a project-oriented tool designed for comprehensive migration of entire mail servers. Whether you're looking to update individual email accounts or migrate entire corporate servers, EMA MailImport makes the process a breeze.

EMA PST Creator

Effortlessly transform email archives exported from EMA into PST files with the EMA PST Creator, a versatile tool tailored to your data archiving and migration needs. An intuitive wizard guides you smoothly and comfortably through the entire process.

EMA PST Creator is designed to navigate the limitations of PST files, automatically splitting large exports to manage size constraints. If your archive exported from EMA is password-protected, that security seamlessly transfers to your PST archive. It also replicates the folder structure, ensuring your data remains well-organized and accessible. Additionally, EMA PST Creator offers the capability to directly generate PST files from EML files stored in a folder structure, streamlining your data management process further.

HCL Domino Extension

Maximize the potential of your HCL Domino server with our cutting-edge extension. You'll gain an archiving solution that goes far beyond the basic capabilities of HCL Domino. Experience unprecedented simplicity and efficiency in archiving internal email, including messages to groups and BCC recipients, ensuring every email, no matter its origin or destination, is securely archived.

Our software extension for HCL Domino seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, enhancing it with powerful archiving features that ensure full compliance, improved data management, and secure long-term access to critical information.

Folder Synchronization

Retain Email and File Server Folder Structures

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of mirroring your personal email folder structure within EMA. Besides offering lightning-fast full-text search, folder synchronization provides an additional intuitive way to find what you're looking for, making users feel right at home and personalizing their archive experience.

Attribute Editor

Effective and Flexible Data Organization

Keep track of all your data, no matter the size of your business. EMA’s Attribute Editor organizes your archive, taking data usability to the next level. EMA comes with 10 standard attributes to meet common compliance and privacy needs. Plus, you can add up to 200 customized metadata to your documents, manually or automatically, allowing users to precisely and quickly extract exactly what they need from large data sets, while keeping the archive legally compliant and regulation-adherent.

Ready for Your Live Archive?

Boost your efficiency in email archiving and data management with EMA.

Designed in Germany with U.S. Data Hosting and Support

Data security is a top priority for businesses and organizations. By opting for ARTEC's EMA Cloud Services, you're selecting solutions crafted with German engineering excellence. While the development and innovation happen in Germany, we ensure all your data is securely hosted within the United States. This approach provides you with the best of both worlds: German quality and innovation, combined with the assurance that your data stays on American soil, under the strict data protection standards you expect.

Leading Companies use EMA for Archiving and Data Management

Hot Standby: Maximum Operational Security

Redundant High-Availability Solution for Critical Business Data

Ensure your on-premise archive system remains up and running even during significant outages with Hot Standby. Our standards-based solution uses independent databases to provide top-tier redundancy. In an emergency, switch from the primary system to the Hot Standby system in seconds.

Hot Standby can be set up across multiple locations, offering hardware and software redundancy and complete location independence. This advanced solution is perfect for businesses that need a highly available, secure, and flexible data archiving solution to ensure continuous operations and data integrity.

WAN Synchronization

Powerful Synchronization for Primary and Standby Archives Across Remote Locations

WAN Synchronization enables efficient data sync between two geographically separated locations. It leverages a specialized synchronization protocol developed by ARTEC, ensuring maximum speed for large volumes of data without latency issues. Data transmission is protected using VPN-equivalent technology and trusted computing methods, and setup is straightforward.

Additional Features

iSCSI Support

iSCSI storage can be seamlessly integrated with EMA On-Premise Flex and EMA On-Premise Classic, either to connect block storage or as an extension. However, for optimal compatibility and performance, we recommend using our VSTOR Vault storage systems, which are specifically optimized for EMA.

By leveraging the combination of iSCSI connectivity and EMA's integrated Volume Manager, you'll benefit from simplified storage management. This setup allows you to adjust storage allocations and capacity with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for separate storage management systems.

Fibre Channel Support

The Enterprise versions of EMA On-Premise Flex and EMA On-Premise Classic enable connection to block storage via Fibre Channel. This setup includes a comprehensive Volume Manager and the essential dual-port FC HBA hardware, ensuring top performance and reliability.

Optimal functionality and compatibility are assured with standards-compliant block storage. While EMA supports a variety of storage options, we recommend VSTOR Vault storage systems, designed for peak compatibility with EMA.

Portal Integration

EMA brings your digital workplace together by seamlessly integrating with portals and Intranet sites. This advanced feature not only smoothly integrates with your existing setup but also supports customized Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions.

With advanced IP-based security protocols in place, access is limited to authorized users only, safeguarding your data against unauthorized entry. This approach provides a future-proof solution that harmonizes ease of use with robust security, revolutionizing the use of your company's knowledge.

Department Archives

Create Structure and Maintain Oversight with Digital File Management

With department archives, you can organize documents under a common identifier, like a customer number. This spans across various sources seamlessly, from email and SAP documents to scanned copies and voice recordings. Unlike traditional filing cabinets, department archives make documents accessible to all authorized team members at the same time. Managing these archives is a breeze. Archive categories and authorized personnel are automatically assigned or easily integrated with directory services.

Syslog Integration for the EMA Log

Monitoring Extension for Maximum Tamper Protection

Enhance your defense against tampering with our Syslog integration for secure email log monitoring - instant notification for every new entry. This feature is customizable for both admin logins and other user interactions, offering an additional layer of protection for your most sensitive data against unauthorized access and tampering.

Additional Features

CSV Reporting for Archives

Unlock the power of precise data analysis with our innovative CSV-based reporting feature. Discover detailed usage patterns by mailbox or domain, and leverage these insights to boost your company's efficiency and productivity.

This feature enables you to generate custom reports that provide a clearer understanding and management of your company's archiving activities. Whether it's monitoring mailbox usage to ensure compliance or identifying trends that could influence strategic decisions, our reporting tool delivers the essential data you need.

CSV Export for Search Results

The CSV export for search results unlocks unlimited possibilities for data sharing and analysis. Whether you're creating detailed reports for documentation purposes, sharing crucial insights with other departments, or simply organizing your usage data, a few clicks transform your search results into well-structured, easily accessible CSV files.

Embrace the flexibility and simplicity of turning your data into a valuable resource. CSV exports are your key to more effective data communication and utilization, elevating the way you process and share information to the next level.

Multi Tenancy

Enables Logical Separation of Business Units or Subsidiaries

EMA’s multi tenancy feature allows for the efficient and convenient management of environments with multiple business units. Set up and manage different tenants within the company network, treating each business unit as a separate entity. Each tenant can archive, search, and retrieve their own documents without accessing other tenants' data. Plus, you do all this with just one EMA system, significantly cutting costs.

Active Directory Groups

Enhanced Access Control for Manual or Automated Permissions Assignment

Our optional EMA feature for Active Directory Groups supercharges your security and management capabilities in an Active Directory environment. It simplifies policy configuration and monitoring for administrators, making compliance with corporate security standards a walk in the park.

Federated Search

Efficient Multi-Archive Discovery

EMA revolutionizes information retrieval with its powerful distributed full-text search across multiple archives. This cutting-edge feature enables various departments within a company to utilize a unified, global archive without the need for data centralization or alterations to existing infrastructure.

With EMA, searching for data across continents becomes effortless. Regardless of the geographical location of the content and documents, EMA ensures that all information is accessible to your team instantly, significantly boosting productivity.


Seamless Integration with Your Primary Applications

Harness the power of ARTEC's API and SDK to seamlessly integrate unstructured business documents right into your core apps. Simplify your searches, speed up operations, boost transparency, and save valuable time. Tailor EMA to fit your unique business processes snugly and unlock new opportunities through its incorporation into daily routines. This is especially beneficial when developing your own in-house portals or specialized applications; our solutions propel you ahead.

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