Comprehensive Live Archive

EMA is your all-in-one solution for archiving and efficiently using email, files, voice recordings, as well as scanned and printed data. Take advantage of EMA in the cloud, on-site, or with a hybrid approach – we cater to your needs!

Smart Data Management with EMA

EMA does more than just archive your data in compliance with regulations and with top-notch security. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and low-maintenance. EMA seamlessly integrates into any environment, always operating reliably with the latest technology. But EMA doesn’t stop at just archiving your data. It makes accessing and using your data a breeze at the highest level of convenience - a real game-changer for your data management strategy!

Leading Companies Trust EMA

Why Choose EMA?

Find What You Need in Seconds

EMA's powerful full-text search goes way beyond your average archive. Discover the information you need in a flash and use it to drive profits!

Outstanding Value

Don't pay an arm and a leg! EMA delivers more for less, saving you from shelling out for those pricy and overly complicated document management systems.

Simplifies Migration Projects

Make your migration projects a breeze. EMA smooths out the transition of your systems to a new platform, making it worry-free.

Available Anywhere

Whether you're looking at cloud, on-premise, or hybrid setups, EMA adapts to suit your needs. Wherever you are now or want to go next, we've got you covered!

What really impressed us about EMA was the ability to ditch multiple disjointed archiving solutions. No need for separate archives for phone calls, email, or files—EMA’s centralized system handles it all. The sheer convenience of managing as few archives as possible, without resorting to patchwork solutions, perfectly aligned with our administrative goals.

Christian Glos, Head of IT Systems at Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

Designed in Germany with U.S. Data Hosting and Support

Data security is a top priority for businesses and organizations. By opting for ARTEC's EMA Cloud Services, you're selecting solutions crafted with German engineering excellence. While the development and innovation happen in Germany, we ensure all your data is securely hosted within the United States. This approach provides you with the best of both worlds: German quality and innovation, combined with the assurance that your data stays on American soil, under the strict data protection standards you expect.

Much More Than Just an Archive

Boost Your Efficiency

Streamlining your data boosts your company's efficiency, saving you both time and money. Plus, quick response times guarantee top-notch service for your customers.


Access your documents from anywhere, anytime. This is crucial especially if you're always on the move or part of a team spread across different locations.


Protect your data from loss, theft, and damage. In the event of a cyberattack, you can easily restore a secure copy of all your documents.

Everything in Its Place

Keep track of your data and simplify the search for specific information. Say goodbye to the chaos of large, unstructured data piles.

Stay Compliant

Ensure adherence to all legal and internal regulations regarding data retention.

Success Stories from Our Customers

Well Protected

How SV SparkassenVersicherung is achieving legal compliance and secure email archiving with EMA.

A Cozy Home for Email, Files, and Documents

How Pro Juventute, Austria's beacon for child welfare, champions legal archiving with EMA.

Smooth Air Traffic and Email Management

How Bremen Airport implemented a legally secure email archiving solution, with a keen eye on employee rights.

Digital Transformation at the Car Dealership

How the WIEST Group leverages EMA to fully digitize service records.

The Perfect Fit

How Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG found the perfect mix of legal security and quick email search capabilities with EMA.

Geared Up for MiFID II: Archiving Phone Calls, Email, and Chats

Pforzheim Calw Savings Bank ensures customer protection and legal compliance with EMA.

Ready for Your Live Archive?

Take control and efficiently archive your unstructured data with confidence.
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Beyond Email Archiving

EMA Mail

Efficient email archiving and data management.

In today's digital age, managing and archiving email is more than a luxury; it's a must-have. No matter your company's size or industry, EMA Mail delivers a dependable and efficient solution! EMA Mail ensures top-notch security for your email and streamlines your business processes with unmatched efficiency.

EMA Mail Highlights

Email Archiving

Safeguard all of your email messages in a way that's secure and compliant with regulations. EMA Mail is compatible with all the leading mail servers.

Data Management

Effortlessly organize and manage your data. Tailor it to your needs by adding custom metadata.

Quick Search

Access vital information in seconds. It's as simple as using a search engine.

Stay Flexible

Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid options. Switching between them is a breeze.


An intuitive interface comes standard. It's designed to be self-explanatory for end users.

Key Benefits at a Glance

Legal Compliance

Securely store all of your email messages in accordance with legal requirements.

Swift Access

Locate the information you need in seconds without wading through endless email messages.

Data Security

Protect your data from accidental deletion or tampering.

For us, EMA is essentially the perfect blend of legal security and rapid email search capabilities. This also aids in my daily research tasks. I would estimate the time saved compared to the previously time-consuming searches in various email folders to be at least two-thirds. Plus, the system runs smoothly and requires minimal maintenance.

Michael Jany, Head of IT Infrastructure and IT Security at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

A Search Function in Outlook That Actually Works

EMA Outlook Extension

Get the best usability with the EMA Outlook Extension

Experience a search functionality that's not only more powerful but also more elegant than the standard Outlook search. With EMA, you'll get meaningful results in seconds, saving you not just stress but also precious time.

The EMA Outlook extension allows users to search not just through email but through all company data. Whether it's email, imported files, recorded phone calls, or archived SAP documents, the EMA extension makes everything visible within Outlook from the EMA Live Archive. Even integrating your familiar folder structures from your file server into Outlook is a breeze. This significantly enhances how you handle unstructured data.

Seamless Integration into Outlook

Fast and Simple

Guaranteed ease of use: No training needed. No complicated instructions. No need for expert help. EMA is intuitive and self-explanatory – it's a plug and play solution!

More Than Just Email

Search through not just email but all company data directly in Outlook. From files to archived SAP documents, EMA makes everything visible and easy to find.

Handy Features

Take advantage of features like folder synchronization, which mirrors your familiar folder structures in Outlook. This significantly improves your management of unstructured data.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Integrate a variety of documents right into Outlook and enjoy the convenience of EMA right there. Contact us for more information.

Say Goodbye to Unstructured Data

EMA File

Archive documents easily and with systematically.

Is your company looking for an efficient way to securely and systematically archive important documents? EMA File has you covered and then some. Whether you prefer cloud solutions, on-premises storage, or a hybrid setting – EMA is ready for anything.

EMA File Highlights

Document Archive

Archive documents easily and systematically. Quickly find what you're looking for without sifting through endless folders.


Typically, all documents from legacy systems can be printed, making your migration to EMA stress-free!


Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid – EMA is adaptable. We always tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Our data volume was growing steadily, and the legal mandates for compliant archiving were increasing. This applied to both email and other documents and files. In our search for a solution that could handle this, several factors were crucial. The system needed to integrate with our existing IT infrastructure – not the other way around. We also valued support in English that could quickly assist us with any issues. Furthermore, we were looking for a solution that could be flexibly expanded to archive not just email but also documents. Our market analysis identified EMA by ARTEC IT Solutions as the clear winner. A decisive factor was also that EMA utilizes Trusted Computing technology, allowing us to meet all our security requirements without compromise.

Reinhard Pachler, IT Director at Pro Juventute

Key Benefits at a Glance

Boost Your Efficiency

Ramp up your work productivity with quick and easy access to your document archives.

Future-Proof Your Business

With the flexibility to use EMA across different environments, you're perfectly equipped for future demands.

Save on Costs

Cut down on the need for physical storage space and enjoy significant cost savings.

Stay Compliant

EMA makes it a breeze to adhere to legal retention periods and regulations.

Seamless Integration

EMA's flawless interfacing with existing IT systems streamlines your operations.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

By opting for EMA File, you're investing in a forward-thinking and reliable solution for your file archives. Secure the future of your data management today!

Transform Your Digital Archiving

EMA Print

Archive while you print, effortlessly.

EMA Print lets you effortlessly archive documents during the virtual printing process, and if needed, send them to an actual printer afterward. This feature is a game-changer, especially when it’s time to replace ancient systems while securely archiving their content. Thanks to electronic time stamps, signatures, and encryption, your documents’ integrity remains intact. Plus, our full-text search makes finding your documents a breeze. Available for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. It's simple, efficient, and secure.

EMA Print Highlights

Upgrade from Legacy Systems

Typically, all documents from legacy systems can be printed, making your migration to EMA stress-free!

Intuitive Operation

EMA Print is ready right out of the box - simply set up an archive printer, and you're good to go.

Secure Digital Future

Store every document with legal certainty. Even the strictest internal compliance requirements are no sweat.

Search Made Easy

EMA doesn’t just archive; it makes even the oldest documents easy to access and find in seconds with full-text search.

In daily use, there are a number of scenarios where access to the archive has been very helpful for us. We can look up customer information by searching through several years of email messages within seconds, even if the employee handling the customer no longer works at the company. Tasks like this were extremely long-winding and cumbersome before we introduced EMA. The system has also proven itself as a useful way for external auditors to access information that they require for their work.

Jonathan Orme, IS Support Manager at Advanced Medical Solutions Group

Key Benefits at a Glance

Boost Your Efficiency

With EMA, manage documents from all systems in one ideal spot.


Find your data from anywhere! With the EMA app, even on the go.


Cut down on the need for physical storage space and enjoy significant cost savings.

Improved Service Quality

Boost your response times and significantly enhance your customer service.


Users can easily archive documents through a familiar printing process.


EMA integrates into your network as a virtual printer for archiving documents.


EMA supports a wide range of printers and includes many drivers for generic print interfaces.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Easily migrate even the oldest filing systems with EMA Print. Contact us for more information.

Streamline Your Paper Records Digitally with EMA Scan

EMA Scan

Discover a smater way to manage documents.

Sure, scanning and filing documents is a no-brainer. But, why settle for just digitizing paper files when you can elevate your game? With EMA Scan, you can take your documents beyond mere digitization by adding layers of extra meaning. Be it contextual info, explanatory notes, or critical alerts, EMA Scan beefs up each document, forging a robust bridge between the physical and digital realms of document management. Open the door to a whole new level of document management with EMA Scan.

EMA Scan Highlights

Streamlined Digitization

Transform your paper documents into digital formats without breaking a sweat. Batch processing entire files? Absolutely possible.

Full-Text Search

Thanks to its integrated full-text search and many other features, finding exactly what you need quickly and precisely is a breeze.


Available for the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments, EMA guarantees flexible integration with your current IT landscape.


Stay ahead of the curve and ready for future digital challenges with EMA.

EMA stands out as a system that pleasantly surprises. In our experience, few solutions are as stable and reliable. It's also maintenance-free for administrators.

Norbert Fischer, IT Team Lead at Autohaus WIEST

Key Benefits at a Glance

Access Anywhere

The EMA App lets you comfortably access your data from anywhere.

Maximum Security

Protect your data from accidental deletions and tampering.

Goodbye, Paper Clutter

Cut down on the need for physical storage, saving you both time and money.

Stay Compliant

EMA makes it a breeze to adhere to legal retention periods and regulations.

Automate It

Documents can be automatically analyzed, and data extracted upon request.

Get More from Your Documents

Turn your documents into an easily searchable knowledge base right from the get-go.

Ready for Your Live Archive?

Embrace the future of legal and secure digitization of your paper records. Invest in the future of your document management now!

Smart SAP Document Archiving

EMA for SAP Solutions

The ultimate relief for your SAP system.

EMA for SAP Solutions is a specially designed, highly secure, and cost-effective archiving solution for SAP documents. EMA minimizes server load and ensures complete compliance with regulations. Plus, it flexibly aligns with your needs - be it in the cloud, on-premise, or within hybrid setups. Seamlessly integrating into your existing IT infrastructure is a breeze. And rest assured, EMA for SAP Solutions comes SAP certified.

Top Features of EMA for SAP Solutions

Seamless Migration to S/4HANA

EMA streamlines SAP databases, drastically cutting down the time and complexity associated with migrating to S/4HANA.

Server Relief

By archiving SAP documents, EMA lightens the load on your SAP server, boosting system performance and cutting operational costs.


Available for the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments, EMA guarantees flexible integration with your current IT landscape.

Legacy Archive Replacement

EMA easily migrates legacy systems even amidst ongoing operations, ensuring business continuity at all times.

Cost Efficiency   

EMA offers an affordable alternative to pricey document management systems (DMS), helping you make the most out of your budget.

Time Savings

EMA streamlines the archiving process, leading to faster and more efficient document processing, saving you time and money.

Discover how EMA for SAP Solutions can help your business optimize SAP document archiving, reduce server load, and meet compliance requirements all at once. With EMA, you can streamline your business processes, trim operational costs, and enhance your IT infrastructure.


More than Just an Archive

EMA archives your SAP documents securely and efficiently, reduces server load, and meets all compliance demands. But EMA is more than just an archive. Its high-performance full-text search lets you find needed documents in seconds. With EMA, keep your SAP system lean while managing your documents effectively.


Real-Time SAP Document Migration

Many SAP infrastructures rely on ArchiveLink-compliant content servers for outsourcing documents and files. However, these systems often hit performance limits and no longer meet the current requirements for secure storage.

EMA effortlessly solves this issue, enabling fast and cost-effective migration of old archives while operating as usual. As background data migration takes place, new SAP documents are directly archived in EMA - all without any downtime.

Ease Your Migration to S/4HANA

For numerous SAP users, migrating to S/4HANA is a pressing issue. Yet, vast amounts of unstructured data hike storage costs and hinder performance. EMA, as a modern content server with an ArchiveLink interface, offers the solution. It ensures legally compliant, audit-proof storage of SAP documents, significantly relieving the SAP infrastructure. This slimdown facilitates the move to S/4HANA, making EMA easy and secure to integrate and quickly available.


Metadata Synchronization

Documents in SAP are essential for various departments beyond just accounting and bookkeeping. However, accessing these documents can be challenging for users without SAP expertise. EMA changes this by enabling every employee to easily access all documents. It also enriches each document with additional information, from the original file name to individual details and categorizations, making documents easily discoverable and efficiently usable.

Additionally, EMA allows direct access to documents through web browsers or apps and seamless integration into other systems like CRM or Data Analytics, all without needing extra SAP licenses.


Digitization with a High-Performance Scanning Module

SAP lacks a native scanning function, but EMA fills this gap! Its robust scanning module swiftly digitizes documents, securely archiving them in EMA. EMA also supports barcode scenarios and batch processing, making it ideal for digitizing large volumes of documents. Additionally, EMA's full-text search feature ensures quick retrieval of the documents you need.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

With EMA, you’re choosing a forward-thinking and reliable solution for archiving your SAP documents. Relieve your SAP system for good, stay lean and agile!

Make Recording Phone Calls a Breeze

EMA Voice

Record and retrieve audio files with full legal compliance, effortlessly.

Seamlessly archive all your phone and VoIP calls with EMA, ensuring full compliance with both legal requirements and privacy laws. EMA integrates effortlessly into your existing phone systems, a boon particularly for sectors like banking and insurance where legal mandates dictate call recording. Thanks to EMA's powerful search feature, retrieving archived calls is quick and easy.

EMA Voice Highlights

Compliance Guaranteed

EMA Voice respects stringent privacy requirements, automatically securing consent from parties for call recording—a critical step in meeting privacy regulations.


Your recorded conversations are safe from prying eyes in EMA’s archive, which stores a separate, secure, and encrypted copy of all relevant business data.

Optimize Your Call Center

With the caller's consent, automatically record and route calls to the relevant team members, streamlining quality control for customer interactions.

Selective Archiving via Gateway

Easily archive specific calls by dialing through EMA and submitting the target phone number to start recording.

Real-Time Recording

Capture crucial information on the fly by recording ongoing calls anytime.

Our main challenge was to meet the 'MiFID II' requirements within a tight timeframe. EMA made it possible, alongside enabling smooth, intuitive integration with our Unified Communications solution through its Software Development Kit.

Christian Glos, Head of IT Systems at Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

Key Benefits at a Glance

Legal Compliance

Archived data is stored in recognized standard formats without any degradation of sound quality.

Quick Setup

Get started easily with templates for many standard scenarios!

Simple and Intuitive

EMA is user-friendly, seamlessly integrating into your phone system as a virtual IP phone without any hassle.

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate EMA with primary applications using the AOS SDK!

Boost Your Service Quality

Easily enhance your service quality and conduct targeted training.


Focus on your conversations without the hassle of taking manual notes.

Smart Archiving

EMA processes calls as efficiently as it does documents and email. Assign metadata as needed and find everything in your archive in seconds!


Use EMA Voice as a memo recorder, sharing voice memos directly in the archive with colleagues.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Choose EMA Voice for a straightforward and reliable call recording solution. Expand your archive with audio files now!

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