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Cloud vs. On-Premises Archiving: A Guide for Companies

As digital data volumes continue to grow, organizations must decide on an archiving solution that is efficient, secure, and compliant. The two primary options are cloud archiving and on-prem archiving. Let’s explore both to help you make an informed decision.

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Discover ARTEC’s New Website

We're excited to introduce ARTEC's new website, featuring a fresh, modern design. Our goal is to provide an appealing and user-friendly environment where you can quickly and easily find all the information you need.

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A New Benchmark in Cyber Resilience: The NIS 2 Directive

On January 16, 2023, the European Union ushered in the NIS 2 Directive, replacing the original 2016 NIS Directive. This move marks a significant step up in the EU's commitment to bolstering cybersecurity.

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Switzerland's Revised Data Protection Act (revDSG)

Switzerland has revamped its Data Protection Act to enhance the security of personal data and align with international standards, especially the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Press Releases

Press Releases

Document Management for SAP Systems: ARTEC and HE-S Announce Strategic Partnership

ARTEC IT Solutions and HE-S are excited to announce a strategic partnership. Together, we are combining our strengths in document management for SAP systems to offer our customers a more comprehensive and efficient range of services.

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Cyber Attacks: Public Institutions Increasingly Targeted

The recent attack on a district in Saxony-Anhalt, which led to the declaration of a local state of emergency, is unfortunately not an isolated incident. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting municipalities, cities, and public institutions in Germany.

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Outlook as "Google" for Corporate Data: The New EMA Outlook Extension

Your workday often starts by opening your email. IWouldn't it be great to access other important data and information directly from there, in addition to just email messages?

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Price Increases for Cloud Services: ARTEC IT Solutions Advises Control Over Your Own Data

In April, Microsoft significantly raised the prices for various widely used cloud services. ARTEC IT Solutions advises companies and IT service providers to consider the potential for creating lasting dependencies when using cloud solutions more carefully.

Press Clippings

Press Clippings
Wetterauer Zeitung

Skipping the Trip to City Hall

This health-focused city is constantly expanding its digital services for local residents and businesses, according to a press release from city hall. "To enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life for the city of the future, we offer digital solutions to our citizens," explains Mayor Klaus Kreß.

Press Clippings
Digital Business

Document Management for SAP Systems: ARTEC and HE-S Forge Partnership

ARTEC IT Solutions and HE-S have entered into a strategic partnership. Both companies aim to pool their expertise in document management for SAP systems to offer a more comprehensive and efficient range of services.

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