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Outlook as "Google" for Corporate Data: The New EMA Outlook Extension

Powerful Search Across All Data Directly Within Outlook

Karben, May 16, 2023 – Your workday probably starts with checking your email. Wouldn't it be great if you could access not just your email but other essential data and information right from this platform? Thanks to ARTEC IT Solutions' groundbreaking EMA Outlook add-on, harnessing EMA's powerful data management and security platform search function directly within Outlook is now a reality. This game-changer dramatically simplifies the process of searching and finding data from a variety of sources. The EMA Outlook add-on doesn't just cover email messages; it also includes all company data stored in the EMA Live Archive. Whether you're looking for files, scanned documents, voice recordings from phone calls, invoices, delivery notes, letters, SAP documents, or data from other ERP systems, all the vital business data you need becomes instantly visible right within Outlook.

Designed as a native Windows application, the new add-on is free from web technology, ensuring seamless integration without any technical setup hassles. Its familiar look and feel, along with user-friendly, intuitive operation, means users can stay in their comfortable Outlook environment without additional training or instructions. Moreover, to make dealing with unstructured data easier, the add-on allows users to mirror their personal folder structures from the file server in Outlook.

"In many companies and organizations, the email client remains the daily workflow hub. However, users often crave more robust search functionalities for the necessary information, data, and documents. The new EMA Outlook add-on delivers exactly that, acting as a real performance booster for your mail client. With EMA, Outlook essentially becomes Google for business data, revolutionizing the way information and files are searched for and found," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions.

As a modular live archive, EMA covers all processes related to the use of business data - from centralized collection to secure, legally compliant storage and long-term archiving. It integrates all relevant sources and unstructured data like paper documents, email messages, files, or voice recordings. What's more, EMA provides effective protection against cyberattacks and manipulations by storing all company data in a highly secure "data vault," safeguarded by security measures such as encryption, digital signatures, and Trusted Computing technology.

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