Release Notes

Advance Information: Firmware AOS 6.8 for EMA

We are excited to announce the latest updates in the AOS firmware, from versions 6.6 to 6.8, for EMA.

This cumulative update package enhances integration with Microsoft 365 and boosts the reliability of our solutions. Alongside these functional improvements, we've fixed minor bugs and implemented various optimizations.

We highly recommend installing this update package, which has undergone extensive testing and is approved for production use in EMA. The update package is available for manual installation immediately and will be automatically distributed starting June 15, 2024.

Release 6.6

Product Improvements
  • Outlook Extension: Enhanced functionalities for a smoother experience.
  • Mobile Apps: Implemented necessary extensions for improved performance.
  • System Core: Various adjustments, optimizations, and new features.
  • Document Access for Representatives: Expanded rights to view privately marked documents.
  • HTTPS Forwarding: Improved handling of configuration errors by suspending forced HTTPS forwarding when necessary.
Resolved Issues
  • Document Display: Enhanced directional display for documents, ensuring clear alignment.
  • Caching with Hardware RAIDs: Improved behavior with defective batteries for better reliability.
  • IMAP Authentication with SSL: Resolved authentication issues to enhance security.
  • Exchange Envelope Journaling: Corrected display errors with ARTEC Cloud Connector for better clarity.
  • System Information Page: Fixed display errors for appliance models with local cache based on software RAID.
  • Storage Groups: Resolved issue that caused removed LUNs to display after an automatic page reload.
  • Replacement Appliances: Ensured welcome emails are delivered by fixing issues with flagging unset passwords.
  • Network Stack: Updated versions in the network stack and various backend components for improved stability and performance.

Release 6.7

Product Improvements
  • Network Bonding: Expanded support for more bonding methods and combinations, enhancing network flexibility.
  • Trusted AOS: Released a new version of the Trusted AOS security system for new hardware platforms, boosting security.
  • EMA MailImport: Implemented improvements for better performance and reliability.
Resolved Issues
  • HCL Domino Plug-In: Optimized to prevent unnecessary license re-generation and reduce CPU usage.
  • Native Outlook Extension: Increased speed on the first open and resolved login issues related to saved searches, ensuring smoother access.
  • Folder Synchronization: Fixed bug that generated warning messages for accounts without assigned mailboxes; these accounts are now automatically skipped if configured, improving system efficiency.

Release 6.8

Product Improvements
  • Network Interfaces: In emergencies, the LAN interface can now switch to DHCP if no WAN interface is available, enhancing connectivity.
  • Hardware Platform: Added support for newer hardware platforms and the latest VSTOR Vault models, expanding compatibility.
  • Data Deletion: EMA can now generate erasure reports upon request, providing detailed data management.
  • Mail Server Compatibility: Improved email recovery for servers that support newer TLS versions.
  • Mobile Apps: Further enhancements for a better user experience.
  • Delegate Synchronization: Added support for OAUTH when synchronizing with Microsoft 365, increasing security and ease of use.
Resolved Issues
  • Mounting of NFS Shares: Fixed mounting errors to ensure smooth operation.
  • Folder Synchronization: Resolved issue with files not being cleaned up when archiving in synchronous mode, improving organization.
  • WAN Synchronization: Fixed an error that caused the process to abort during long processing times for a document, enhancing stability.
  • Network Interface (IPMI): Corrected missing translation of displayed text for better clarity.
  • Connections of SMB/CIFS Shares: Fixed compatibility issues with very old versions.
  • Configuration Backups: Resolved problems with restoring system configuration backups from AOS firmware versions older than 4.0.
  • System Restart: Fixed bug preventing system reboot under certain rare conditions.
  • SMTP Connection Aborts: Minimized generation of redundant files in local cache when terminating incoming SMTP connections.

Our Promise for the Future: Reliability and Innovation!

EMA continues to revolutionize the use of business-critical information as a live archive and global search engine for corporate data. With the latest updates to our AOS firmware for EMA, we remain dedicated to supporting our customers in their digital transformation. For nearly three decades, our solutions have been built on advanced technology and the highest quality standards, proudly sold, hosted and supported in the United States.

We recognize the importance of secure and efficient data management. With EMA, we not only facilitate data archiving but also provide secure and controlled access to your data—anytime, anywhere.

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