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Price Increases for Cloud Services: ARTEC IT Solutions Advises Control Over Your Own Data

Preserving Flexibility and Independence to Avoid Lock-In Effects

Karben, April 20, 2023 – In April, Microsoft significantly raised prices for various widely used cloud services. ARTEC IT Solutions, a specialist in data management, data security, and live archiving, advises companies and IT service providers to pay close attention to the potential for creating lasting dependencies when using cloud solutions.

"From the customer's perspective, many cloud services pose the challenge of a potential lock-in effect," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH. "Such dependency can quickly become so significant that switching to another platform becomes practically impossible due to the prohibitive effort required. The same is true if a company wishes to move back from the cloud to its own systems at a later date. Therefore, we always recommend our customers and partners to maintain their independence and flexibility as much as possible and to retain control over their own data. It's important to note that this doesn't exclude the use of common cloud services or hybrid models."

ARTEC IT Solutions' offerings are designed to work optimally with cloud services like Microsoft 365. However, the modular data management system EMA, for example, provides a significant advantage: similar to a highly secured "data vault," it creates a completely separate copy of all company data. This backup is protected from unauthorized access and cybercriminals by security concepts such as encryption, digital signatures, and trusted computing technology, ensuring companies always maintain sovereignty over their data. This offers full flexibility, as the data can easily be transferred in the event of a future system or infrastructure change.

"Companies and organizations should always have an alternative plan B ready. This is especially true for handling their own data, which today are often considered one of the most important resources," Artishdad emphasizes. "Those who maintain their independence can freely decide which platforms and solutions to use in the future, based on requirements and economic considerations. This could include cloud services, hybrid platforms, or using software on completely proprietary systems."

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