More than Just an Archive

EMA doesn't just archive your data securely and easily: EMA makes it usable in diverse ways. Whether you're wrestling with unstructured data, needing to migrate a mail server, or interested in Case Management and eDiscovery. Learn more about the advantages of EMA.

Consolidate Your Business Knowledge

In many businesses, the real value lies not only in physical assets but mainly in the expertise of their employees, their ability to learn, and their adaptability to change. Despite this vast potential, many businesses miss the chance to consolidate this knowledge effectively.

This is exactly where EMA comes in: Whether it's email, files from your file server, documents from legacy systems, or SAP, EMA brings everything under one roof for company-wide usage.EMA also saves you time. Employees often spend a significant portion of their work time searching for data.

EMA significantly speeds up this process with its extremely fast search function, supported by attributes and metadata, making your documents into an easily searchable knowledge base.

When it comes to security, EMA also sets the bar: secure data access and a centralized role and rights management form the core of a sophisticated security concept. All data is, of course, encrypted and securely stored.

In summary, EMA is not only a legally compliant archive. It increases efficiency, preserves and centralizes valuable corporate knowledge, and protects your data. With EMA, you and your company are well-prepared for the future.

Leading Companies use EMA for Archiving and Data Management

EMA and Microsoft 365

The Perfect Match for Secure and Flexible Archiving

In today’s interconnected business world, efficient digital data management is crucial. Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 have become central to modern business operations. However, the growing reliance on the cloud also introduces new challenges, especially regarding data security and compliance.

EMA stands out not only as an enhancement to Microsoft 365 for more robust email archiving but also as a comprehensive solution that integrates a variety of data sources.

Predictable Cost Model

Reliably by Your Side

EMA is tailored to your needs and allows for long-term planning. Your costs are predictable for years to come - no nasty surprises. Mailbox sizes are unlimited, and EMA’s costs don’t rise with the number of mailboxes. You maintain control over your data and stay independent, as EMA flexibly adapts to any situation.

The Bottom Line: A Secure Backup Copy

Combining EMA and Microsoft 365 offers you a robust, secure, and flexible solution for your email archiving needs. EMA fills the gaps by providing a legally compliant, flexible, and comprehensively protected archiving solution. Together, they form an unbeatable team for the modern business world.

Why Combine EMA with Microsoft 365?

Compliance & Legal Security

EMA ensures "true" archiving, storing email messages in their original format, a critical aspect for legally sound storage.

Full Control and Flexibility

With EMA, you’re not limited to one provider or storage space. Whether you continue using Microsoft 365 or switch to another service, EMA flexibly adapts and offers unlimited storage and mailbox options.

Intuitive Search Feature

Finding email in large data sets can be a challenge. Thanks to EMA's full-text search, you can quickly and efficiently find exactly what you need.

Lifetime License

EMA provides you with a lifetime software license, ensuring independence and control over your data. A change in strategy or provider poses no obstacle.

Optimum Data Security

Protecting your data is our top priority. EMA offers additional security features like Trusted Computing, digital signatures, and time and date stamps to guarantee tamper-proof storage.

Secure Backup Copy

Moreover, the backup copy enables immediate restoration in case of data loss.

EMA Mobile Search

Your Mobile Archive

Access to information anytime and anywhere is a key driver for success and efficiency. Make the most of your mobile archive effortlessly with the EMA App!

Access your email, files, prints, scans, and phone conversations anytime, anywhere. Whether dealing with vital business documents, historical archives, or other stored materials, our mobile archiving app puts the information you need right in your palm.

Our solution's biggest perk? Unmatched flexibility. Your team can keep the ball rolling outside the office, diving into documents on the fly. It empowers you and your colleagues to search and access information freely, breaking free from the chains of a physical workspace.

Our powerful search feature delivers the results you're looking for in seconds. As with all ARTEC products, security takes top priority with our app. If your device is lost or stolen, you can quickly and easily lock access to the app. With the EMA app, you can streamline numerous business processes efficiently and affordably.

Leverage your mobile archive as a ready-to-use frontend, without the need to develop your own mobile applications. Make your documents accessible on the go – the sky's the limit!

Benefits of the EMA App

  • Anywhere: Tap into your knowledge from any corner of the globe.
  • Any Time: Your documents are accessible 24/7, day or night.
  • Speedy: Our high-performance search delivers the results you need in seconds.
  • Secure: Advanced security measures guard even the most sensitive information.
  • Cost-Effective: Cut the costs and hassle of developing your own frontend.
  • Efficient: Speed up and simplify your team's workflows.

Case Management

Case Management

Explore the Possibilities with EMA

Case Management focuses on effectively handling and overseeing all pertinent information and documents for a case or matter, be it a legal investigation, financial audit, or internal review. EMA's Case Management feature is designed to help you in this area by drastically reducing both effort and costs.

EMA's Legal-Hold feature allows documents to be "frozen" immediately, ensuring their integrity in legal matters. Our proven security architecture keeps your data protected at all times.

Furthermore, EMA facilitates precise data analysis crucial for the eDiscovery process. This process involves locating, securing, and analyzing electronic information relevant to legal disputes. The accuracy and hit rate in searching for this information are significantly enhanced by EMA's advanced technology.

Thanks to comprehensive transparency through audit logs and our 4-Eye-Principle feature, all actions are transparent and unauthorized changes are prevented. EMA is compatible with nearly all common data sources, ensuring no crucial detail is lost.

And the best part? EMA is versatile: You can also rent our solutions and operate them in the cloud. This is particularly advantageous when you need to respond to legal requirements at short notice.

"The speed at which we can carry out search queries is a real game-changer for us," explains Nicholson. "Using EMA is also incredibly straightforward and user-friendly because it integrates seamlessly with our existing systems. Our goal is for the legal department to be able to conduct some of the research processes independently in the future, which will lead to further relief and even leaner processes."

Daniel Nicholson, Senior System Engineer at Community Loans of America

Case Management with EMA

  • Create new cases with ease and swiftly provide relevant documents
  • Locate information in seconds and save on evidence security costs
  • Freeze your documents immediately or place a hold on them
  • Significantly enhance the accuracy and quality of your search results
  • Log every action taken in an audit trail
  • Benefit from having all your data in one place, regardless of its source, format, or location
  • Effortlessly comply with legal requirements
  • Proactively safeguard against alterations from tampering or cyber attacks

eDiscovery with EMA


Reimagining electronic evidence discovery.

EMA effectively helps you with electronic evidence discovery (eDiscovery), a critical component in legal disputes where electronic data must be consolidated and analyzed as evidence. In the world of law and governance, swift and precise eDiscovery solutions are indispensable, especially in light of the ever-growing volume of data and shifting legal landscapes.

With EMA, you can process enormous amounts of data without the need for many different technologies. Our platform integrates powerful search capabilities with advanced data analysis, enabling you to identify relevant information more quickly. You can efficiently search, filter and organize large sets of data, significantly simplifying the eDiscovery process.You maintain complete control over the entire eDiscovery process - from discovery to evidence documentation. EMA provides advanced features such as pattern search, tagging, and data classification, allowing you to provide precise and relevant information.

EMA ensures that your eDiscovery process complies with current legal requirements and data protection regulations.

With features such as Legal Hold, Audit Trails, and Access Controls, your data stays not only secure but also compliant with legal requirements.As data structures and legal conditions constantly change, EMA seamlessly adapts. With EMA, the eDiscovery process is not only faster and more accurate but also more secure and compliant with legal frameworks. This ensures that you are well-prepared for every stage of a legal dispute.

Whether you're working with structured or unstructured data, our solution scales according to your needs while remaining efficient and user-friendly.

Your Advantages

  • All-in-one solution: We bring together all the necessary features for comprehensive data processing, analysis, data visualization, and more.
  • Experts at your service: Benefit from our technical expertise, professional case handling, and top-notch eDiscovery services.
  • Cost and time efficiency: Our technology enables rapid processing and searching of large data volumes without manual pre-selection.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all common data sources: Email, files, paper documents, and more.
  • Precision and user-friendliness: Our search technology is simple, intuitive, and delivers highly accurate results.

Migrating Legacy Systems

Data Migration: Fast, Simple, Seamless

Business data migration can become essential for several reasons, whether it's cost savings, performance improvements, or the addition of new features. Transitioning anything from email and documents to complex systems poses significant challenges.

EMA is here to help. Our solution makes the migration process simpler across different platforms and formats. It not only facilitates a smooth and efficient move to new systems but also guarantees the safe storage of your valuable data.

Say Goodbye to Licensing Issues!

Facing the challenge of breaking free from an overpriced legacy system? EMA is your solution for a seamless migration. Whether you're looking to break away from systems like HCL Notes (formerly Lotus Notes), Tobit, GroupWise, Exchange or other commercial mail servers, or even DMS systems like IBM FileNet, OpenText ECM, Hyland OnBase: EMA safeguards your legacy assets - both active and deactivated accounts.

What sets EMA apart is that the migration happens live, with no downtime. Using our live archive, your email messages and documents are stored directly and securely, while the legacy assets are efficiently imported in the background. This ensures consistently high system performance and availability while simultaneously meeting compliance requirements.

Legacy System Migration with EMA

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Without disruptions during ongoing operations
  • Compatible with all common email systems
  • Reduces storage space with single istancing
  • Standardized technology for future flexibility
  • Legally compliant and highly secure

When responding to eDiscovery requests, we had to merge data from three systems and figure out a way to present it properly. At times, it even required manual searches on various hard drives. The effort was massive, and all of this often meant that final results were ready only after days, or sometimes weeks.

Daniel Nicholson, Senior System Engineer at Community Loans of America

Want to experience it for yourself?

Discover the capabilities of your EMA archive. Reach out to us here.

When our team needs to find an email, they simply ask an admin for a quick search. What used to be a lengthy and complex process is now incredibly straightforward, fast, and hassle-free. Thanks to EMA's full-text search capabilities, we can quickly dig up the information we need. Both our IT department and our colleagues across various departments couldn't be happier with the system.

Reinhard Pachler, IT Director at Pro Juventute

Success Stories from Our Customers

Well Protected

How SV SparkassenVersicherung is achieving legal compliance and secure email archiving with EMA.

A Cozy Home for Email, Files, and Documents

How Pro Juventute, Austria's beacon for child welfare, champions legal archiving with EMA.

Smooth Air Traffic and Email Management

How Bremen Airport implemented a legally secure email archiving solution, with a keen eye on employee rights.

Digital Transformation at the Car Dealership

How the WIEST Group leverages EMA to fully digitize service records.

The Perfect Fit

How Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG found the perfect mix of legal security and quick email search capabilities with EMA.

Geared Up for MiFID II: Archiving Phone Calls, Email, and Chats

Pforzheim Calw Savings Bank ensures customer protection and legal compliance with EMA.

Archive vs. Backup

Archive and Backup – Apples and Oranges

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Yet, a common misconception in data management is equating backups with archiving. They serve distinct, equally crucial roles. A backup is for data recovery, while an archive preserves your data securely, categorically, and in a searchable manner for the long haul.

Backup: Essential but Just a Data Repository

A backup is undeniably crucial for any data protection strategy. It creates copies of your current files for restoration in case of data loss or system failure. Backup solutions effectively guard against unexpected data loss from crashes, IT failures, or human errors.

Think of a backup as a safety net in a circus—it catches the trapeze artist if things go awry, but it doesn't improve their trapeze skills.

Archive: Unlocking Your Data's Potential

Unlike backups, which play a passive role, EMA provides an active and dynamic solution. With EMA, your data isn't just stored compliantly; it's also quickly searchable, readily available, and easy to manage. You move beyond mere storage, transforming your data into a vibrant, valuable asset that's always at your fingertips.

A backup without an archive is like a car without a steering wheel—useful in emergencies but not designed for progress. EMA enhances your backups by turning your data into a strategic asset for legal compliance and long-term business success.

Benefits of the EMA Archive

Legal Compliance

EMA meets legal requirements for long-term, authentic storage of business-critical data—a feat traditional backups can't achieve. Compliance is crucial to avoid severe consequences like tax disadvantages or legal repercussions.

Comprehensive Data Loss Protection

EMA securely stores your critical business data, offering an additional layer of protection against system failures, IT issues, and human errors.

Losing your corporate data can pose significant financial risks, far exceeding the cost of an efficient archiving solution. While backups provide snapshots of a point in time, EMA continuously safeguards your data assets.

Boosting Internal Efficiency

Digital archiving with EMA increases transparency in your business operations and optimizes internal processes. EMA also supports specific requirements like deletion concepts, specialized archives, corporate groups, and the four-eyes principle, maintaining your data's integrity.

Cost Savings

How long would it take to retrieve a specific file from your backup? Can your employees do it independently, without involving the help desk?

With EMA, your staff can quickly find and restore needed documents on their own, saving your company time and money.

Interested in Learning More?

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Structure Your Data with EMA

Bringing Order to Your Unstructured Data: A Key to Success

Companies often generate vast amounts of documents from various systems and sources. These data are typically unstructured, meaning they're diverse and difficult to oversee and utilize. EMA offers numerous outstanding features like efficient search, metadata assignment, and folder synchronization. Transform your unstructured data into valuable information now!

Why Organize Unstructured Data?


Unstructured data contain valuable information that companies should consolidate to make meaningful connections. Structuring with EMA enables businesses to gain valuable insights.

Efficiency Boost

With EMA, managing unstructured data becomes straightforward and quick, leading to more efficient resource use and freeing up employees to focus on more valuable tasks.

Competitive Edge

Companies that efficiently harness their unstructured data with EMA can gain a knowledge advantage. They can respond more swiftly to market changes and develop innovative solutions.

Legal Hold Management

In audits or legal disputes, EMA swiftly compiles all relevant documents from various sources and systems.

High-Performance Storage for EMA

VSTOR Vault delivers top-notch, versatile, and affordable storage solutions. Designed specifically for various application environments and perfectly synchronized with EMA, these product family models offer unparalleled connectivity and performance. Effortlessly expand your storage capacity with our flexible and scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Future-Proof and Flexible Storage Solutions

Discover the advantages of our smart storage solutions, featuring comprehensive and advanced security concepts. Our solutions meet the highest compliance standards and offer efficient management of unstructured data.

Top-Notch Security

Archive your documents with protection against tampering and in compliance with legal standards using digital signatures, timestamps, and the four-eyes principle.


VSTOR Vault adapts to your needs. As your business grows, VSTOR Vault grows with you.

Relieving the Primary Application

Significant relief of the primary application leads to notable performance gains.

Cost Efficiency

Significantly reduce your IT infrastructure costs, including storage media and databases, permanently.

Compact and Eco-Friendly

Our devices combine energy efficiency with high capacity.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t wait any longer to protect your valuable data! Discover how EMA provides a highly secure place for your data and protects your business from cyber-attacks.

EMA and Cyber Defense

Protect Your Data from Cyber Attacks!

Ransomware attacks are a constant threat. From hospitals and car dealerships to SMEs, large corporations, and public institutions—no organization is safe from becoming a target.

Conventional IT Security Measures Are Not Enough

Traditional IT security measures offer limited protection against already known malware patterns. They often fall short against new, increasingly sophisticated attack methods, giving hackers and cybercriminals a significant advantage.

In this ever-changing threat landscape, EMA stands out as a crucial element in your cyber defense strategy. EMA goes beyond traditional security solutions by not just securing your data but also protecting its integrity throughout its entire lifecycle.

With advanced archiving technologies that ensure immutable storage of your data, EMA prevents cyberattacks from fully compromising your company's data. Even in the event of a successful ransomware attack, you can continue operations without succumbing to ransom demands.

This keeps your data secure and intact as a reliable source you can always trust.

Benefits of EMA

  • Comprehensive Protection: EMA creates a separate, encrypted copy of your corporate data.
  • Highest Level of Security: With VSTOR Vault storage, EMA becomes a secure data vault invisible and unreachable to attackers.
  • Rapid Recovery: With EMA, you can restore lost data in seconds with just a few clicks.
  • Uninterrupted Operations: Even in the event of an attack, you can continue your business operations with minimal disruption.

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